About Timber


Documentary photography is the 'engine' that drives me visually.. and has been for over 25 years. I currently work in video production/post production.. shooting hi def & standard def and editing projects for a wide range of clients.. Time lapse has become a new interest, shooting with digital slr's in RAW format and using Final Cut Pro to package the time lapse movies. In a curious evolution, I've returned to commercial photography after 20 + years of video work.. or perhaps clients are seeing an advantage to a documentary photographer who can also shoot/edit/produce/direct their videos .. I also 'write' .. though I find writing a puzzling/intriguing, outlet/endeavor ! Regardless.. I put my blog novel 'Diamond Walker' online at http://diamondwalker.wordpress.com/ as well as a documentary project in development at http://thedespatch.wordpress.com/ .. I recently sketched out a feature film treatment (fiction) regarding Ann Harvey .. and perhaps that will end up online as well.. 'Timber' is a nickname from way, way back .. IMAGENATION is just an idea ..

Photography Equipment

Canon 5D MK ll, Canon xti .. various lenses
Olympus Waterproof
Pclix time lapse controller
Canon XH A1 hi def video camcorder
Mac .. various cpu's inc G5 and MacBook
Eight terrabytes external LaCie drives
Adobe CS4, Canon DPP