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Reef Shark
30 July 2015

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Muskoka ..
28 March 2012

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Dry Dam study # 1
7 May 2011

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5 January 2011

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Bike Cop ....
1 July 2010

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19 June 2010

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Big Cat Mayakoba
28 April 2010

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Nuclear Setting
18 January 2009

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on .. the mysterious manylegged newt

Alix on Quinn's Soul
I love this. No one had a better collection, lovely recollection.

L'Angevine on .. aged Rock Iguana ..

J.B.M. on .. maple .. as fossil ?
Magnifique !

: Helen : on .. Palometa ..
Wow, nice catch, or perhaps I should say shot. I am impressed by the clarity and colour of the Powershot.

L'Angevine on .. mystery at Smith's Reef ..

omid on .. mystery at Smith's Reef ..
wonderful shot!

Frances on .. the mystery of Smith's Reef ..
Brilliant water shot with lovely color and contrast. Congrats on your spotlight.

Timber on .. Green Heron ..
.. I have read this bird will use insects or other bait when seeking & hunting fish in the shallows. So it is among ...

L'Angevine on .. Green Heron ..
oh je découvre cet oiseau

L'Angevine on .. Turks n Caicos Sea Turtle

L'Angevine on .. dog & butterfly ..

L'Angevine on .. maple .. as fossil ?
oh superbe ces empreintes

L'Angevine on .. the Mourning Cloak ..

L'Angevine on .. more Mourning Cloak ..

L'Angevine on .. inner creature ..

L'Angevine on .. Mourning Cloak ..

L'Angevine on .. blackberry in the city ..

L'Angevine on .. blackberry blossoms becoming blackberries

Luca Bobbiesi on .. blackberry in the city ..
Beautiful photo, really a great work.

omid on .. wild Alaskan sockeye salmon ..
Mmm...! Lovely!

L'Angevine on .. leaf structure .. milkweed

L'Angevine on .. blue ski .. white clouds ..

L'Angevine on .. ready for Monarch Butterflies to arrive ..

Ruthiebear on .. ready for Monarch Butterflies to arrive ..
Delicate and lovely details

L'Angevine on .. grapevine leaf - morning backlight
oh c'est beau

L'Angevine on .. purple allium ..
bon travail

L'Angevine on grapevine detail

MEC on .. purple allium ..
So beautiful!!!

Luca Bobbiesi on grapevine detail
wonderful shot

Robert D. Burr on grapevine detail
Wonderful light-play and detail

L'Angevine on .. carnival ride Allium ..

Taina on .. Silver Maple key
Great textures . A piece of art.

L'Angevine on .. silver maple in May ..

Ehsan Hemmati on .. silversides.. aka Baitfish - Pilchard
Really beautiful photo,Thank you for sharing.

omid on .. Milkweed Dancing ..
very nice shot! such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections!

MEC on .. Milkweed Dancing ..
So beautiful!!

L'Angevine on Kenji - supreme warlord of renovation

L'Angevine on .. eclipse of the sidewalk ..

L'Angevine on .. me walking home ..
oh excellente

L'Angevine on Palometa
oh superbe ce rendu

L'Angevine on .. walk in snorkeling TCI ..
oh génial

Michael Skorulski on .. walk in snorkeling TCI ..
Excellent water image,

Olivier P on .. walk in snorkeling TCI ..
Love this catch !!! Well done !

omid on .. walk in snorkeling TCI ..
wonderful shot! such beautiful composition, colors & lights!

dik on Turks & Caicos Islands
Dramatic. You can really see the three dimensionality of the island sinking into the deep. Amazing shot.

L'Angevine on a Star to Steer by ..
belle étoile

Moridi on a Star to Steer by ..
Nice capture. Happy New Year with best wishes for you.

Musaraña on a Star to Steer by ..
Fresh beauty

PJames on a Star to Steer by ..
I really like this image ... there is a subtle complexity caused by the light being reflected from the surface of the ...

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